1. The Registrar

Name: Meal My Day Oy

Business ID: 2695297-4

Postal Address: Pitkänsillanranta 11 C 48, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

2. The Register Person in charge

Name: Sini Linjala

Postal Address: Pitkänsillanranta 11 C 48, 00530 Helsinki, Finland


3. Name of the register

Meal My Day Customer register

4. Purpose of processing of personal data

The customer's personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

· A service implementation

· Customer relationship management and development

· Customer transactions certification

· Marketing

· Analysis and statistics

· Customer Service and Business Development

· Market surveys and studies

· Other similar uses

Personal data can also be processed in other Finnish companies, the Personal Data Act.

5. Registry information content

The register may contain the following information:

· Contact information, such as name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses

· Registration information, such as user name, a nickname, password, and any other unique identifier, such as a photo

· Age, gender , rank or profession, and native language

· Information relating to implementation of the communication and information on the use of services, such as browsing and search information

· Information of profiling and interest possibly provided by the customer

· Date of service accession

· Customer relationship information (such as billing and payment information , product and ordering information , customer feed backs and contacts , lotteries and competion response data and the cancellation data)

· Information of use of the service (such as videos viewed, statistics, browsing and search information)

· Any approvals and permissions

· Any offer blocking information , as well as

· Any other data collected with customer's permission

6. Sources of information according to the rule

Customer information is made available in accordance with Rule from customers themselves by telephone, in return cards, via the Internet, email, or any other similar means. Information can also be collected with cookies and other similar technologies used by the internet site. In addition, Population Information System, postal address information, phone companies’ connection information and other similar public and private records can be used.

7. Disclosing information according to the rule

Information can be disclosed according to the rule to direct marketing purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Act. In addition, information may be disclosed to opinion and market surveys and other similar studies.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

Information is not disclosed outside the EU or the EEA.

9. Principles for the protection of the register

Electronically stored information:

Entitled to use the system containing Customer data are only those Meal My Day Ltd's employees, who have to deal with customer information on behalf of the work. Each user has their own username and password for the system. Each user has signed a confidentiality agreement. The system is protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Databases and backups are located in locked areas.

Manual data does not exist.

10. Data subjects' rights

The data subject has the right to inspect and correct the data stored in the register. The request to inspect must be made in writing and signed to the address mentioned in paragraph 1. Any correction requests can be signed to the person in charge of the register mentioned in section 2.

The data subject has the right to forbid the processing and use of data for direct advertising, telemarketing, direct marketing, and market and opinion research. For the implementation of the prohibition the data subject should contact Meal My Day Ltd's customer service.

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