The beginning of Meal My Day

The idea of Meal My Day began in the kitchen of a relatively normal married couple in the spring of 2014. In our kitchen.

Tuukka Linjala is a personal trainer with long experience, who fell in love with an ordinary office worker Sini (me) 10 years ago. Tuukka's lifestyle has always contained a lot of sports and also nutritional knowledge, which comes from the profession of a personal trainer. I on the other hand never played sports at all before meeting Tuukka, and I had no knowledge of what I put in my mouth. In spite of very different backgrounds and starting points, we have had at least one thing in common from the beginning, and that is the love of food. Both of our food philosophies have always been that the food is meant to be enjoyed and anything that tastes bad isn`t meant for eating. Cooking does not need to be rocket science, but everything should be tasted and enjoyed in moderation, and cooking should be made an enjoyable activity.
I have tried all the possible diets in my life. I've wanted to lose weight quickly and efficiently, without compromising on the quality and taste of the food. As in a marriage in general, you do not always want to believe the second opinion. That was the case here as well. It was hard for me to listen and believe a professional (Tuukka) telling me how to eat, so that the objectives would apply to the rest of my life, not just for half a year. The biggest problem is usually the attitude. The “I want it all and now” way of thinking does not unfortunately lead to very long-term results.
I started my life-change by starting to watch what I eat: by calculating calories, proteins and carbohydrates ... Troublesome? Yes! We decided that it had to come to an end. I began to collect recipes in a booklet, and wrote down all the calculated nutritional values, and then I started to just randomly cook these pre-calculated recipes ... Boring and tedious? Yes! We put our heads together and began to think about how this could be easier, without the continuous calculating and searching. That brings me to the situation where we are now.
We created a nutrition program available to everybody online. Create your own profile, select your recipes for the week, print the shopping list and prepare varied and tasty food. Easy and fast? Yes!
Of course, we now want to also point out that eating really shouldn`t always be a matter of calories or weight loss! We just want to facilitate your everyday life by offering a way to plan your grocery shopping, save you money, and encourage you to eat more versatile, in order to feel better. The rest is up to you!
And that brings me to the subject of how to eat properly? We cannot unfortunately answer the question on your behalf.
We can, however, tell you that Meal My Day service is based on Nordic dietary recommendations. Nutrition Recommendations are one of the most controversial topic and we leave it to you to decide how to interpret all the opinions on the topic. Dietary Recommendations in Finland are selected by the Nutrition Council, whose members are the top nutrition experts from government, universities, research institutes, health care, public health promotion and catering areas. We believe in the nutritional recommendations since they make our family feel good.
At the moment, especially social media, as well as the papers and TV bring out the most peculiar diets, prohibitions, telling you what to eat and what not. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to interpret what of all that is true and what is not. There are practically as many studies as there are researchers. Some are certainly true and some are not. A diet that suits some people is not suitable for others. One cannot name one single right way to eat. We are all individuals and not everything fit us all. Therefore, we believe that everyone should monitor themselves and explore what feels good and eat accordingly.
Finally, we would just like to get everyone enjoy the food and to try something new. We prefer high quality raw materials and domestic products, but the most important thing, however, is how you feel. Let’s not make cooking too difficult, and let’s enjoy doing things together.

Good food belongs to everybody!

Sini and Tuukka

Other news

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Meal My Day is partipating into the internet´s best sites 2016 -competition! Please give us your voice and win a personal trainer for 3 months! <3


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