A full breakfast basics

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. So it is not indifferent what you put on the plate for breakfast or in the worst case, you leave off the plate! Empty stomach does not get you far, you`ll be starving before lunch. Start the morning with a full breakfast and you'll find that it certainly improves your well-being.

The brain needs food to function, so breakfast is important to remember even if you`re in a hurry. A good breakfast is a good start for the day and keeps your blood sugar steady throughout the day. There have been studies where students who ate a nutritious breakfast did better in exams than the students who went to school on an empty stomach. The breakfast task is to help to cope, to stay energetic and refreshed until lunch. Although we Finns have been taught from an early age that porridge is the best possible option, so unfortunately porridge alone does not adequately fill you up. While the porridge is healthy, it makes you soon feel hungry again, especially if the porridge is cooked in water.

Porridge is a good part of the breakfast, but it is recommended to supplement it with such as whole meal bread with cheese slice or meat, without forgetting tomato / cucumber slices. Good additions to breakfast are also milk, fruit and eggs. Protein is an essential part of breakfast; it is easy to get from nuts, eggs, seeds and dairy products. The soft fats should be favored; for example avocados. Rye bread with avocado is a good choice and also really tasty. Muesli and cereals both usually have a lot of sugar, salt and fat so their use should be considered, product description tells quickly what the product is all about. Breakfast should be varied, do try different combinations such as oatmeal with berries or honey, or when you get bored of porridge try natural yoghurt, which can be seasoned easily to your own taste. Also, a smoothie is a good option for breakfast; it can easily be made satisfying by adding quark, berries, fruit, oatmeal or fiber supplements. Try also fiber rich linseeds, they are suitable to add in porridge, yogurt or smoothies!

If you do not feel very hungry early in the morning, a smaller but still healthy breakfast is a good option. If you know it`s going to be a busy morning make breakfast ready the night before. Boil eggs and prepare sandwiches in advance so you have breakfast to go, which can be enjoyed in the workplace, or even on the bus, the style is free.

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